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What is this?

The VestasOnline Download Center is the main site for downloading the VestasOnline SW (VestasOnline Business Client and VestasOnline Business OPC server).

VOB Client and VOB OPC Server Software license are not enforced. User and computer information are logged for continuous monitoring of contractual compliance by Vestas for Vestas. Any breaches against VOB client and VOB OPC Server software will be reported to customer and local authorities.

The VOB Client can be installed using a ClickOnce installer or a Windows installer. The VOB OPC Server can only be installed using a Windows installer.

VOB Client (ClickOnce installer)

The advantages of the ClickOnce installer is that the user will be informed whenever an update for the VOB Client is available - and get the possibility to update if wanted.
The disadvantage is that the VOB Client is only available for the user, who has installed the VOB Client.

VOB Client (Windows installer)

The advantage of the Windows installer is that the VOB Client can be used by all users and not only the user who installed the VOB Client.
This installation type is also recommended for closed environments with no or limited internet access or an environment where an IT administrator is in charge of installing the VOB Client.
The disadvantage is that users are not informed when an update for the VOB Client is available.

VOB OPC Server

The VestasOnline Business OPC server can be downloaded from the VOB OPC Server page.